Broken pot

Feddle jumped up at the sound of cracking pottery.

“What happened” she through.

“Nothing.” Magpie inserted.

can you; can you, please, stop

I’m so hungry again.
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gut bacteria

(there is still a hella lot to learn) seriously, i’ve recently learned that our guts process seeds. so perhaps part of the sustainability research can include me learning how to grow things from seeds that i process with my body. it’s really an amazing thought. i called it a research agenda. the new research agenda. anyway my gut is where i feel a lot of things. but that’s the sanitized version. i live with something viceral. playing with my gut chemestry, lets call it that for a moment. for this second all my eating agendas collide and i choose hunger. i need to overcome that by figuring out how to access food. what is happening with my gut chemistry. Source: gut bacteria

Source: gut bacteria